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Special Needs Soccer Program

Our team picture for the 2019 season

Welcome to the Special Needs Soccer Program

FEDS started this unique soccer program in 2010. The program focuses on giving our adult community who have intellectual and/or physical challenges the possibility of playing and learning soccer skills. The goal of the program is intended to give our players an environment where they are comfortable while they are exposed to basic soccer skills and also experience, team play, social interaction, friendships, exercise and most important fun. The program allows all the players to participate and are able to develop without any undo pressure and at their own pace. Our governing body, The Ontario Soccer Association has identified some Clubs offering adults the chance to play but the FEDS program is the only one in Ontario, possibly in Canada, to solely focus on adults with special needs.

Description of the SNS Program

Weekly Soccer Program: The weekly soccer program enables our players to come out and play soccer every Wednesday throughout the summer. They participate in soccer activities which have been specially designed for our special needs players. The players will participate at their own levels while they are exposed to practise, skills learning and organized soccer games.

Special Needs Soccer Festival: The Special Needs Soccer Festival is a unique initiative that FEDS initiated. Our Special Needs team host a one day festival where we host groups with similar programs as ours from across Ontario. On the festival day our group and our guests are involved in friendly soccer games as well as many other fun activities including arcade type games, live music, photo booth, fire-department and OPP participation as well as other unique events. This festival is well known across Ontario as a ground breaking initiative which exposes all our participants and visitors to a unique day of fun and excitement.